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The Bridge To Nowhere is a political information action group overseeing our political candidates, elected government officials, major corporations and their lobbyists involved in big oil, energy, environment, and the nuclear weapons industry.

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Transparency shot around the time of Michael's Earth Song creation; " the song and lyrics he was most proud of "
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Canada's Shame: Learn More.


Environment on the Internet (pdf); link to organizations and agencies involved with environmental studies and research

Fracking vs Clean Water

Maps: The Secrets Drillers Can Hide About the Fracking in Your Backyard

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In The News

NY Times
Saving Wild Salmon, in Hopes of Saving the Orca 
Alexandra Morton thinks salmon farms drove the whales away from the Queen Charlotte Strait of British Columbia and is fighting back.

NY Times
Fears on Animal Feed Widen China’s Food Inquiry 
There are growing signs that melamine has leached into the nation’s animal feed supplies, posing health risks to consumers throughout the world.

NY Times
Ms. Palin’s Same Old, Same Old 
For all the talk of a clean break from using fossil fuels, expanding domestic oil-and-gas production remains the centerpiece of Gov. Sarah Palin’s energy strategy.

Mother Jones
The MoJo Interview: Van Jones
By Jesse Finfrock
The author of The Green Collar Economy on why we're a long way from a green bubble.

NY Times
Bio Lab in Galveston Raises Concerns 
Scientists plan to study viruses like Ebola and Marburg in this Texas island where hurricanes regularly wreak havoc.

NY Times
Bio Jet Fuel and Energy Productivity
From our friends at Green Inc.: Kate Galbraith reports that Europe planning to cap greenhouse gas emissions from planes, air carriers will have extra motivation to find alternate sources for fuel.

Military Times
Burn pit at Balad raises health concerns
Troops say chemicals and medical waste burned at base are making them sick, but officials deny risk
By Kelly Kennedy - Staff writer
An open-air “burn pit” at the largest U.S. base in Iraq may have exposed tens of thousands of troops, contractors and Iraqis to cancer-causing dioxins, poisons such as arsenic and carbon monoxide, and hazardous medical waste, documentation gathered by Military Times shows.

Mother Jones
Why Mercury Tuna Is Still Legal
By Stephanie Mencimer
The Bush FDA helped industry suppress the bad news about mercury. Still want fish for dinner? 

NY Times
Wilderness Within Reach 
We urge Congress to find time for a public lands bill that could add nearly two million acres to the nation’s store of permanently protected wilderness.

NY Times
More Sadness for Appalachia 
The Bush administration is writing one more sad chapter in the long, tortured history of Appalachia’s coal-rich hills.

NY Times
Alternative Energy Suddenly Faces Headwinds 
Renewable energy technologies are facing big challenges because of the credit freeze and plunge in oil and natural gas prices.

Mother Jones
The Fate of the Ocean
By Julia Whitty
Assaulted by pollution, overfishing, climate change, trash, and noise, our oceans are approaching a point of no return. The health of the world they feed and protect won't be far behind.

NY Times Editorial
The Navy, Whales and the Court 
The Supreme Court should assert its authority over any military activities that can cause environmental harm.

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund
Palin-championed program executed 14 wolf pups
When you promote a grotesque program like Governor Sarah Palin’s Alaska wolf slaughter, you can expect gruesome results.

A startling example: In June, after gunning down 14 adult wolves from a helicopter, officials from Governor Palin’s Department of Fish and Game rounded up 14 orphaned wolf pups and methodically shot each one in the head in clear violation of a state law.

NY Times
Court Weighs Concerns on Whales and Military 
The Supreme Court heard arguments over the Navy’s use of sonar in its training exercises off Southern California.

WASHINGTON — On the one hand, there is “the potential for harm to marine mammals,” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. said Wednesday at a Supreme Court argument over the Navy’s use of sonar in training exercises off the coast of Southern California.

Los Angeles Times
Deal to require U.S. to designate polar bear habitat
Associated Press 
ANCHORAGE -- The federal government will designate "critical habitat" for polar bears off Alaska's coast, a decision that could add restrictions to future offshore petroleum exploration or drilling.

Mother Jones
Study: Toxic PBDEs Are 10 Times Higher in California
By Katie Flynn
A team of researchers led by the Silent Spring Institute in Newton, Mass. just published a study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology that shows that the levels of PBDEs—fire-retardant chemicals used in furniture, bedding, and other household items—are ten times higher in California households than in other areas of the country. Just as worrying, the study shows that California residents have twice the amount of PBDEs in their bloodstream than do people living elsewhere.

Honolulu Advertiser
Critical habitat for monk seal may include areas statewide
Main Hawaiian Islands seeing more use by endangered mammals
Assocated Press 
The federal government will consider designating areas in the main Hawaiian Islands as critical habitat for endangered Hawaiian monk seals.

The announcement, to be published today in the Federal Register, comes in a response to a petition filed by three environmental groups.

Center for Biological Diversity
Court Reverses Bush Decision to Strip Protection From Wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan
Breaking News! Agreeing with a Center for Biological Diversity legal action, a federal judge today overturned a 2007 Bush administration decision to remove Great Lakes area wolves from the endangered species list. The ruling puts an immediate halt on the killing of hundreds of wolves in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Associated Press
Global warming pollution increases 3 percent
By Seth Borenstein
WASHINGTON — Worldwide man-made emissions of carbon dioxide — the main gas that causes global warming — jumped 3 percent last year, international scientists said Thursday.

MSNBC/Associated Press
Nuclear waste piling up at U.S. hospitals
No long-term disposal plan in place for millions of radioactive devices
BARNWELL, S.C. - Tubes, capsules and pellets of used radioactive material are piling up in the basements and locked closets of hospitals and research installations around the country, stoking fears they could get lost or, worse, stolen by terrorists and turned into dirty bombs.

Gore urges civil disobedience to stop coal plants
By Michelle Nichols
NEW YORK - Nobel Peace Prize winner and environmental crusader Al Gore urged young people on Wednesday to engage in civil disobedience to stop the construction of coal plants without the ability to store carbon.

The Independent 
Exclusive: The methane time bomb
Arctic scientists discover new global warming threat as melting permafrost releases millions of tons of a gas 20 times more damaging than carbon dioxide
By Steve Connor, Science Editor

The first evidence that millions of tons of a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere from beneath the Arctic seabed has been discovered by scientists.

The Nation
Palin's Petropolitics
By Michael Klare
Palin's opposition to government-supported renewable energy makes her stupendously ill equipped for national office.

Defenders of Wildlife
Governor Palin supports aerial hunting of wolves and bears
By Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin proposed paying a $150 bounty for the left foreleg of each dead wolf, approved a $400,000 state-funded propaganda campaign to promote aerial hunting, and introduced legislation to make it even easier to use aircraft to hunt wolves and bears.

The Nation
Our Polar Bears, Ourselves
By Mark Hertsgaard
Sarah Palin played a key supporting role in the Bush Administration's war on the Endangered Species Act.

Polar bear cubs trying to survive in a Sarah Palin environment

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Sarah Plain Supports Aerial Hunting of Wolves and Bears - GRAPHIC Video

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