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The Bridge To Nowhere is a political information action group overseeing our political candidates, elected government officials, major corporations and their lobbyists involved in big oil, energy, environment, and the nuclear weapons industry.

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************ In The News ************


This is a video slide show exposing the dangerous activities at the Los Alamos National [Nuclear Weapons] Laboratory in New Mexico. The former Nuclear Facility whistle-blower was a Lead Quality Assurance Auditor at LANL and upon bring these issues, and many more, to his department heads, his life was threaten, and later was demoted. The Safety Audit he was conducting was stopped dead due to what he uncovered, and the problems not addressed and or fixed. It is the brave souls like Mr. Brown who we must support, they are willing to put their lives on the line to save ours.

Danny Williams


Dangerous Welds in Los Alamos National Laboratory, a High Security Nuclear Facility

Is OUR high security nuclear weapons research facility, Los Alamos National Laboratory, a Nuclear Accident Waiting To Happen?

 Very possibly according to Lead Quality Assurance (QA) Auditor Don Brown;  " It's Peoples' Lives! ", " Los Alamos National Laboratory would be 3 to 4 times  Chernobyl "

Don Brown;

Click below, CBS Evening News story on whistleblower Don Brown
[ CBS aired three investigative stories nationally, but in New Mexico, only one was aired!  You should ask, WHY?
update: only one video-story is still posted on CBS, WHY? ]

Part I -  Los Alamos Ignores Warning Signs  [story, video removed]
- CBS' Attkisson Talks With A Whistleblower About The Lab's Condition

Part II -  Los Alamos To Auditors: Stay Out  [story and video]
- Team Denied Access To Scandal-Plagued Lab's Secret Division -

Part III -  Not up

*********** Update *************
Extremely Important
- April 23, 2009 10:32 PM -

Dear Dan & Barbara:

The attached document was a transcript from Dr. A. J. EGGENBERGER, Chairman of The Defense Nuclear Facility Safety Board (Congressional oversight of the Nuclear Weapons Complex, given March 17. 2009, to the Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development Committee on Appropriations, United State House Representative.) 

Starting in page 4, 5 starts addressing Los Alamos National Laboratory siting problems ventilations systems, and seismic issues which were unresolved... the Board has found deficiencies in safety related controls (some problems date from 2007 but remain uncorrected [why])... Page 6... these issues poses a continued risk to the public and workers... it goes on to say The CMR building near a seismic fault... and goes on to say These facilities are structurally unsound, and are unsuitable for longer use... Page 7 addresses a multitude of know problems at LANL but the NNSA is willing to take the risk to continue to operate. 

Please review this report and call me. Can you get this report to the public the Board, DOE, and the NNSA a playing Russian roulette with the American Public at risk!


- April 24, 2009 7:44 PM -

This is a perfect example of an overwhelming "legal precedence" that repeated (known) violations of federal law (Nuclear)10CFR830.122 have occurred year after year at Los Alamos National Laboratory, under the overview of the DNFSB. The law requires when known nonconformance's have been identified, yet have gone uncorrected.

Nuclear Safety Law-Criteria 3-Management/Quality Improvement.
1) Establish and Implement processes to detect and prevent quality problems.
2) Identify, control, and correct items, service, and processes that do not meet established requirements (nonconformance's).
3) Identify the causes of problems and work to prevent recurrences as a part of correcting the problem.
4) Review item characteristics, process implementation, and other quality-related information to identify items, services, and processes needing improvement.
Criteria 5 - Performance/Work Processes.
1) Perform work consistent with technical standards, administrative controls, and other hazards controls adopted to met regulatory or contract requirements, using approved instructions, procedures, or other appropriate means... 
Criteria 9 - Assessment/Management Assessment. Ensure managers asses their management processes and and identify and correct problems that hinder the organization from achieving it objectives.
Criteria 10 - Assessment/Independent Assessment. 
1) Plan and conduct independent assessments to measure item and services quality, to measure the adequacy of the work performances, and to promote improvements...

In summation the March 17, 2009, Testimony to Congress form DNFSB Chairman Eggenberger admits their have been repeated noncompliance's to this critical nuclear laws by the NNSA and DOE for years which went uncorrected including but not limited to inadequate nuclear safety basis (which prescribe technical parameters for safe operations for nuclear facilities at Los Alamos), in page 6 of the testimony used language like in describing on critical facility "poses a continuing risk to the public and workers... and in the next paragraph concludes These facilities are structurally unsound, are unsuitable for use any longer than absolutely necessary..." 

The Board voices its concerns but says the NNSA is accepting it risks. Is the American public ready to accept these real risks with catastrophic consequences? I am sad to say the Board has become too willing to become party in perpetuating this serious problems, and violations of federal unclear safety law. 

Please help in getting this miscarriage of justice corrected.


transcript from: Dr. A. J. EGGENBERGER, Chairman of The Defense Nuclear Facility Safety Board


Other CBS investigative stories on Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory;

Mr. Don Brown courageously stepped up and blew the whistle on extremely dangerous, and very possibly lethal results after effects that would impact the whole world, not to mention the effects right here at home in these "good old" United States!

How about this "very possibly" scenario?

Due to blatant disregard for safety (Procedures, Rules & Law) in a NUCLEAR facility, Los Alamos National Laboratory  (LANL), there is a catastrophic radiation leak.

That would vaporize all within the first 100-miles. From LANL out, at a radius of about 800-miles, there would be mass-radiation contamination which could make the area un-livable for centuries. Rivers and underground aquifers would also be permanently contaminated and would spread that contamination into other rivers and streams, and eventually infect the Oceans. The contamination would spread thought the world through the AIR "We" breath, and the WATER "We" drink!

The Los Alamos National Laboratory disaster would be approximately 3 to 5 times the global disaster of "Chernobyl!"

On April 26, 1986 a Chernobyl reactor suffered a catastrophic steam explosion resulting in a nuclear meltdown. The radiation was not contained and radioactive particles were carried by wind across international borders.

Now imagine 5x-Chernobyl here in the U.S.  But guess what, all this death and destruction could be avoided, IF, "We" did not Assume, but Question "OUR" Government & their contracted private concerns.  They are NOT adhering to the Procedures, Rules, Laws & ideals set forth to EMBRACE SAFE WELFARE OF THE PUBLIC, the CITIZENS, PATRIOTS, of these UNITED STATES and, OUR FOUNDING  FATHERS!!
See these
actual (lethal) LANL welds!

Note: there were over 2,300 of these dangerous welds that could be accessed to get pictures of, and then, only in two of the high security nuclear buildings out of approximately ------?

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons Facility Runs a "Lose Ship";


Los Alamos Land Fire on 2 sides of Nuclear Lab, Chemical Area's 8 &49 Confirmed Burning !
- July 2, 2011 (Friday) -

WHY?  There Is NO Future With Nuclear!

- click on image above -
Anti-Nuclear Protest at Los Alamos National Laboratory,
a Nuclear Weapons Facility, on February 28, 2010.


Fukushima Reactor Is Melting Down (Nov. 2011): "Xenon is detectable at the site. That means nuclear fission is taking place, which, he says, means Fukushima is in meltdown - not good news for Japan and the rest of the world, says Dutchsinse."
source: The Tap -

Fukushima Daiichi reactors (April 12, 2011): "Hidehiko Nishiyama, a deputy director-general of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA), said the decision to raise the severity of the incident from level 5 to 7 -- the same as the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine in 1986 -- was based on cumulative quantities of radiation released."
Reuters -

It is the opinion of that this environmental disaster will continue to climb. We will be monitoring this situation very carefully, and press forward for the end of Nuclear Power and Weapons. Nuclear is a no win for the inhabitants of Earth!

"Fukushima Daiichi reactors contain radiation equal to a thousand Hiroshima bombs," Vancouver Observer, March 14, 2011; Ira Helfand, Robert Alvarez, Ken Bergeron and Peter Bradford (former member of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission), on behalf of Physicians for Social Responsibility.

[Article rec'd from DOE Watch]
Workers at Former Huntington Plants Exposed to Plutonium, Neptunium Buried Slurry in Piketon Leaking
Feb. 1, 2010 

By Tony Rutherford Reporter 


Huntington, WV (HNN) – HNN has confirmed through publicly available, unclassified documents that the workers at the formerly ‘secret’ Huntington Pilot Plant/Reduction Pilot Plant (HPP/RPP) on the INCO campus were exposed.... more >>>



In The News

First look inside Y-12's uranium fortress
By Frank Munger
The nation's primary stockpile of weapons-usable uranium will be housed in specially designed rackable can storage boxes. .... but there have, of course, been some issues.  .... many of the fastener assemblies for the uranium storage boxes were installed improperly .... multiple problems with concrete pours and the use of reinforced steel during construction .... So it's going to take some pretty strong racks to hold the tons of bomb-grade uranium at the government's new $549 million fortress in Oak Ridge. Right? Well, it may be of no comfort whatsoever to learn that about 21,000 of the approximately 120,000 fastener assemblies in the new "safety-class storage racks" were installed incorrectly at the Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility.

NY Times
North Korea Is Off Terror List After a Deal With the U.S. 
Saying North Korea had agreed to adhere to nuclear concessions, the U.S. removed the country from a list of terrorism sponsors.

Friends of the Earth
Ad Links Nuclear Loan Guarantees to Bush Bailout
By Nick Berning
New Friends of the Earth Ad Ties Nuclear Loan Guarantees to Bush Bailout 

Loan guarantees sought by nuclear industry for reactor construction amount to ‘preemptive bailout,’ with expected default rate of 50 percent or higher.
Los Alamos Missing Plutonium for 150 Nuclear Bombs
Watchdog groups claim 765 kilograms unaccounted for
By Robert Longley
The beleaguered Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is unable to account for 765 kilograms of plutonium -- enough to make 150 nuclear weapons -- according to a letter from nuclear watchdog groups to LANL Director G. Peter Nanos.
Los Alamos Lab Halts Operations
By Noah Shachtman
Los Alamos National Laboratory director Pete Nanos shut down the country's leading nuclear weapons lab on Friday, after a set of classified computer disks disappeared and a student was hit in the eye with a powerful laser beam -- all in the space of a week.

"As of today, director Nanos has suspended all operations at the laboratory," an internal e-mail obtained by Wired News read. "This is a very serious step."

A present from Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory and OUR
Government to US, and the World
a real eye opener)

Beyond Treason, click here for short trailer
CAUTION: (Graphic Content) Parental guidance is suggested

Beyond Treason investigates causes of Gulf War Illness and continuing deaths of gulf war veterans. Beyond Treason outlines: - exposure to depleted uranium munitions used on the battlefield. - chemical and biological exposures - and experimental vaccines given. Statistics show that 250,000 troops are now permanently disabled, 15,000 troops are dead and over 425,000 are ill and slowly dying.

Beyond Treason 100 minute documentary presents comprehensive and compelling documentation from United States Government archives of a massive cover-up lasting over two generations. 

Beyond Treason : DVD 1 x 100, Television 1 x 82

Title: Beyond Treason
Featuring: Doug Rokke, Dennis Kyne, Leuren Moret, Bob Jones, Joyce Riley, Mark Zeller, & Dan Topolski

This item is part of the collection: Open Source Movies

Director: William Lewis
Producer: William Lewis
For download, please visit:

For those that would like to Purchase Beyond Treason directly from the author, click here  "Free Beyond Treason DVD for any U.S. Veteran."

International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons

Fukushima UPDATE

Experts: Fukushima 'Off-Scale' Lethal Radiation Level Infers Millions Dying

"Fukushima nuclear power plant radiation recordings of external gamma radiation have been so high this week, they went off scale said veteran nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson on Thursday after the famous physicist, Dr. Chris Busby told the Japanese people this week that radioactive air contamination there is now 300 times that of Chernobyl..."
- Deborah Dupre, Human Rights Examiner - August 5, 2011

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